TG-Tech Solutions offer a comprehensive range of IT services targeted at Small to Medium size businesses and Home users. We are a family run business with over 18years experience in IT and Business. We provide IT support to Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire area and with our Cloud and remote solutions we find increasingly that location is no barrier. We provide a professional service in a personable manner and are proud to boast that many of our customers have been with us for many years.

TG-Tech Solutions offer a wide range of IT services providing your business with a 1 STOP SHOP IT Support. With a friendly support helpdesk and expertise in IT Support, Web Development & Digital Marketing and Information & Cyber Security we work with you to deliver the right technology solutions and provide business value. Our wide scope of expertise allows us to help miscellaneous types of businesses in any given niche… We work with our client to ensure that their IT and business structure meets the needs and demands to enable the business and in compliance with associated regulations.

Web Application Development

One of the main expertise of TG - Tech is developing web applications based on the client requirements, with our expertise to provide quality business solutions. We have a proficient specialist team in app and software development which enables us to develop and deliver effective business solutions

Our Web development services provides you designs with high functionality, custom developments rather than generic solutions, E-commerce business solutions, by our in-house design and development team. Our team is experienced with great skills in CMS in order to produce Web application designs with high functionality. The design published by our team is not only easy for individual use but also powerful in Search Engine Optimisation.

Branding & Marketing

TG-Tech is a full service online marketing and SEO agency that takes a holistic approach to increasing online exposure, improving customer acquisition, and helping businesses increase revenue and profits. We are A Software, Application and Web Development company that can improve existing marketing campaigns or design your comprehensive online media strategy from scratch. At TG-Tech, we pride ourselves on approaching each client with complete transparency and handling every account with care. Client communication is at the core of our customer service model. We provide a top quality, cost effective approach to ensure success. We can manage every aspect of your interactive strategy or work directly with your existing team to provide expert guidance and recommendations.

"We don’t end here. Our list of Technology solutions is broad and extensive tailored to meet your needs."

What do you get from Task Global Technology Solutions?

Professionally Sound

Analysis of our representatives within these services has tended to focus on employee attitude. We are a team of Business and IT Professionals with skill-set and character that appeal to the need of our customers. Our team’s experienced skills results in eminent and phenomenal services that attracts our targeted customers and in turn their trust and depend on us for their IT support and Consultancy.


TG-Tech has vast experience in the IT and Business spectrum. We works professionally in developing creative web designs and web application in order to fulfil the needs and requirement of our clients. We are self-disciplined, cynical and skeptical in our work in order to be the best. We are the best selection for unique and Dynamic Web Designing services with strong impact on your company’s image. 

Technology Oriented

We are technology oriented and provide tailored services in IT infrastructure, Maintenance, Security, website development, Digital Marketing and many more.  We believe that orientation in technology provides embellished and intensified outgrowth which is imperative for company’s proliferation.


Our main intention is to exhilarate our clients, and hence in this concern we are very much focused and centralised in developing effective designs and applications. When you work with us, we first get to know you requirements and develop a suitable strategy to achieve your objectives. Until the project is complete, we work in consultation with you every step of the way, to achieve business value and you are satisfied. 

Security and Alliances

The best advantage in working with us is that we make security paramount. We offer compelling business propositions for the customers. We have a key benefit of creating competitive advantage by understanding the industry and bringing right combination of technology and services. We are a trusted partner of choice for global businesses looking to “differentiate at the front” and “standardise at the core” through technology customisation.

Commitment to Excellence

In today’s era, organisations will have to rapidly refine themselves and to be more responsive in changing customer’s needs. We are well-positioned and successful in identifying new growth opportunities and facilitate their foray into new areas. We provide excellence in our services along with sustainability and long lasting future. Our commitment to excellence is about our dedication to achieve results and instead of resting on our laurels, we strive to improve our performance even further, for Excellence.


Punctuality is the characteristic that makes us to complete a required task or fulfil an obligation before or at a previously designated time. Working with TG-Tech, we make sure to be up to date and precise in your work. 

We work in an agile way


Rapid and ongoing understanding of what your customer wants is essential to drive value.

Organisations deliver to customers in short cycles. Shortening time to value enhances the financial performance of an organisation and makes customers happier.

Through an empowering, collaborative, entrepreneurial culture, employees take ownership of company outcomes. This gives better engagement and improved morale.

Using higher-fidelity and lightweight processes, organisations find it easier to pivot their focus according to priorities and value. The organisation is always working on what is most important at any given moment in time.

Agile organisations have fewer layers, a reduced management overhead and seek to build simplicity in. This makes organisations less brittle under change.